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Paige & Ricky | Playful and Intimate Lancaster PA In-Home Couple's Session | Philadelphia PA Couple's Photographer

It's not often I get to photograph other photographers, but when I do it's truly a magical and creative experience. Ricky is a fine art photographer and musician and Paige is a hair stylist and model. Talk about a talented couple! 

Together these two are so playful, passionate, and intimate. They were such a joy to be around and I loved getting to photograph them. Their joy and laughs were contagious. Plus they have great taste in music so what's better than a jammin' session?

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Courtney & Steve | Cozy In-Home First Anniversary Session | Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer

Courtney and Steve love to stay at home and cuddle up with their dog Maisie, spending quality time with each other in between the craziness of life. So it made perfect sense that that's what they should do for their anniversary session. Their relationship has a strong foundation in hand-written letters so for the icing on the cake (pun intended) they wrote and read letters to each other about their first year of marriage and their hopes for their future.

This session was full of love, giggles, cuddles, and dancing along to the song that christened their first dance as man and wife. 

House: Railroad Master's House by The Chris & Claude Co.

Hair and Makeup: Shauna Kennedy Makeup

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