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Jess & Louis | Fun Manayunk and Wissahickon Park Engagement | Philadelphia, PA Engagement Photographer

It was a sweltering summer day when Jess and Louis had their engagement session. These two are both amazing artists, Jess teaches art class and I cannot think of a better fit for her. We decided to stroll along the water in Manyunk looking at all of the beautiful murals and chatting about their story. After that we headed to Houston Meadow in Wissahickon park to run around with their pup (not pictured) and get some photos in their second home, nature. These two were so much fun to photograph and I can’t wait to show you their wedding so stay tuned.

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Grace and Damon Part 2 | Stylish Chelsea NYC and Hoboken Engagement Session | NYC Wedding Photographer

If you missed the first part of this blog post, STOP, and go look at it here right now. It will explain why I adore these two so much.

We wanted to have the second part of their engagement session be closer to home for these two so we strolled around Hoboken, visited their favorite Deli, and enjoyed the evening. I hope you look at these photos and can't tell that it was probably 40 degrees outside. These two have a love that is so warm that anytime I look back at these photos all I feel is warm sun and love. 

These two have just under two months left before they tie the knot and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. 

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Jasmin & Mark's Philadelphia In-Home Maternity Session | Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

Jasmin and her husband are transplants from Germany currently living in Pennsylvania for work. They wanted some photos to commemorate their last weeks as a family of two and Jasmin wanted some photos to remember her experience being pregnant. These two were so prepared for their darling little Raphael to enter the world, having decorated the nursery with a mix of German language and symbols of their nickname for their lovely baby boy.

Jasmin also wanted some empowering fashion magazine-esque solo portraits to remember carrying her baby boy. Is she not the fiercest mama?

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Paige & Ricky | Playful and Intimate Lancaster PA In-Home Couple's Session | Philadelphia PA Couple's Photographer

It's not often I get to photograph other photographers, but when I do it's truly a magical and creative experience. Ricky is a fine art photographer and musician and Paige is a hair stylist and model. Talk about a talented couple! 

Together these two are so playful, passionate, and intimate. They were such a joy to be around and I loved getting to photograph them. Their joy and laughs were contagious. Plus they have great taste in music so what's better than a jammin' session?

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Courtney & Steve | Cozy In-Home First Anniversary Session | Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer

Courtney and Steve love to stay at home and cuddle up with their dog Maisie, spending quality time with each other in between the craziness of life. So it made perfect sense that that's what they should do for their anniversary session. Their relationship has a strong foundation in hand-written letters so for the icing on the cake (pun intended) they wrote and read letters to each other about their first year of marriage and their hopes for their future.

This session was full of love, giggles, cuddles, and dancing along to the song that christened their first dance as man and wife. 

House: Railroad Master's House by The Chris & Claude Co.

Hair and Makeup: Shauna Kennedy Makeup

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Rhetta & Hannah | Intimate Brooklyn NY Couple's Session

These two ladies and their love STOLE. MY. HEART.  I'm pretty sure they also stole my words because these photos are truer to their pure love than my words could ever do justice. They are perfect together. So I'll let these photos speak for the love these two amazing people have. 

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Jess & Jimmy | Havre De Grace MD Lighthouse Engagement Highlights

Jess and Jimmy are Maryland natives temporarily living down south. So after Jess inquired about having me photograph their April wedding we jumped on Skype to talk further. Let me tell you, it must have been fate because we immediately bonded over our energetic, adorable, little pups and some very exciting and sentimental details Jess has in store for her big day. 

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