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Miss J's Saucy & Sweet Boudoir Session | Lancaster PA Boudoir Photographer

Miss J was so excited for her boudoir session because it was a new experience for her, as it is for most of my clients. Let me tell you this lady rocked her session. As soon as her hair and makeup was done I could see the confidence coming off her in waves. I had so much fun with this babe, getting to document her beauty and this time in her life. 

BOUDOIR ROCKS! If you're interested in having your own boudoir session head here and let's chat! If you're NYC head here to check out the details on my August NYC boudoir marathon while there are still spots!

House: Railroad Master's House by The Chris & Claude Co.

Hair and Makeup: Shauna Kennedy Makeup

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Miss A Lace Love Babe | Boudoir

When I first laid eyes upon all the fabulous lacy garments Miss A brought me my eyes lit up (especially the pastels!). It's a common boudoir misconception that to look sexy you need to stick to dark, moody, saturated colors. Well news flash: your clothes don't make you sexy, YOU MAKE YOU SEXY! You could dress in paper bag and you can still smolder! That goes for everyone!

Miss A also asked me if I thought she should plan her hair so that you couldn't see the magenta ends. My reaction was :O OF course she shouldn't hide them! They are part of her self expression, her personality. Don't hide parts of yourself. You're beautiful!

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Miss M Jewel Tone Glam Babe | Boudoir

This lady here is also a frequent subject on this blog, like Katt. I am so thankful to have gotten to work with so many amazing entrepreneurs. Madison, like Katt is a fierce, tough, strong,, supportive, and loving soul. I wanted to give back and show her how fabulous she is. And boy did she rock it! 

Bring on more fabulous empowerment and boudoir sessions!

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Miss K Retro Disco Babe | Boudoir

If you've been reading my blog for any significant amount of time you know who this fabulous babe is. She is one of the bravest and toughest people I know.

Boudoir aims to show the subject just how beautiful they are from a 3rd party, unbiased perspective. This lady is heart, soul, and mind a beautiful warrior. The beauty we see in ourselves is riddled with self criticisms and external pressures, but for all of the people I photograph my goal is to show them in their pure, unfiltered, raw beauty and ferocity. 

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Williamsburg Hotel Wedding Feature on Catalyst Wedding Co. | Styled Shoot

This post has been a long time coming and I am so happy to announce that this editorial has been published on Catalyst Wedding Co.! Catalyst Wedding Co. is all about celebrating the diversity of the human race and celebrating people and couples of all shapes, sizes, races, religions, genders (or lack thereof), and anything else you can imagine. SO to be published on a site that supports what I believe in so fully was an honor, and one I hope to have a gain someday. 

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph this wedding editorial earlier in 2017 and it was a huge project. We ended up with 22 vendors and I am forever thankful to everyone who helped bring this vision to reality. We were all so inspired by the style and the vibe of the new Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn and this stylish and glam editorial was the end result of the inspiration.

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