Christy & Mark | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Ballroom Wedding, Stevensville MD

Christy & Mark's summer wedding day at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Ballroom was stunning and amazingly fun. The forecast was a little crazy for this fab's couple's big day. You can even see below the crazy storm sky we got right before the ceremony was supposed to start! In true Chesapeake Bay style the storm was over in 20 minutes and the skies flooded with sunlight. It was still raining during the ceremony but all Christy and Mark noticed were each other.

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Styled Rhinebeck, NY Farm & Meadow Boudoir | Boudoir

On the way back from Veronika & Ben's Upstate NY Barn wedding I stopped in Rhinebeck to photograph some fabulous Sweet Caroline Styles bodysuits styled with West Village Tribe Jewels on the amazing Lili, Gabbi, and Madison. I was so happy to be able to shoot creatively with these fabulous models and it was the perfect way to end a fabulous work weekend in Upstate NY. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and these images that I love so very much!

Bodysuits- Sweet Caroline Styles

Jewelry- West Village Tribe

Models- Lilianna, Gabbi, and Madison

Veronika & Ben | RPI Sweethearts New York State Mountain Wedding

I have so many words and emotions about this wedding that I am going to actively try to keep this blog post from heading off the sentimental rails! Veronika and I were in the same art class in high school and from the time we met on we were in sync. Veronika is my partner in art, sarcasm, smiling, and sci-fi movie references. Fast forward a few years to and a few hundred miles to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York where my lovely friend found her other half in Ben. When I found out in fall of 2016 that a ring was on the horizon and that they were planning a post-graduation wedding I was momentarily surprised, but when I met these two for their engagement pictures everything made complete sense. I cannot even put into words how compatible these two are and since I'm a wedding photographer I think that says a lot!

Oh boy this wedding was for sure the most emotional one I have EVER photographed and it was such a powerful experience. Planning a wedding, graduating university, and planning a move all at that same time is overwhelming to say the least, but all of Veronika and Ben's friends and family members came out to help pull this together and make it personal. This wedding had the most personal touches I think I've ever seen in a DIY wedding and it made it all the more special. Veronika decided to do a first look with both of her parents and her brother. She even got her brother to help put her shoes on Cinderella style and it was such a precious and fun moment! Ben's mom cried tears of joy at seeing her future daughter-in-law in her wedding gown and Veronika's dad surprised the gentlemen with a special glass of liquor! Before walking down the aisle Veronika and her ladies took a moment to say a prayer. To see these two families come together was pure magic and there wasn't a dry eye in the whole room when these two said their vows. I was definitely ugly crying behind my camera while these two recessed down the aisle, only to immediately embrace with tears running down their faces once inside the barn. They were then surrounded by their family and bridal party and hugs and tears were shared all around. Veronika's family moved to the states from the Ukraine when she was a little girl and so there were many special Ukrainian elements to the day including a ribbon dance for the ladies. Towards the end of the night Veronika's brother surprised her by asking the DJ to play a special song from the movie Anastasia which they always used to dance to and it was one of the most special moments I've witnessed at a wedding. You could feel the love radiating off of these siblings as Gleb spun his sister around. This bride and groom then left through a sea of bubbles and into a classic coke can accessorized chariot. 

This wedding was such a spectacular experience and I wish these two the best with their newest adventure in Massachusetts! To say this wedding was a pleasure to photograph would be an understatement. I love my job.

Taylor & Zak | Bohemian Summer Wedding at Historic London Town & Gardens

This vibrant music and floral inspired wedding planned by Adriana Marie Events was like something out of my wildest dreams. Taylor and Zak love music and wanted to incorporate it throughout their wedding day. They had signs Taylor made with song lyrics hanging from the aisles, table numbers with more of their favorite lyrics, old Phish and  Bob Dylan records for their guestbook, and during their first dance they sang every word to each other. There were so many amazing floral details throughout this day from the masterful Intrigue Designs (can we just talk about this ceremony set up?? I think my jaw dropped when I saw it!) and Taylor and her Dad danced a polka for their father daughter dance. The laughter and fun from this wedding was contagious and it is a wedding I love coming back to. I loved helping Natalie Franke shoot this wedding I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Wilderness and Water | Boudoir

Boudoir is confidence. Boudoir is beauty. Boudoir is self-love. One of my favorite sessions with Noelle was when we got to be free and create some amazing outdoor boudoir images. I am so passionate about boudoir and making women feel like their best selves. Knowing Noelle was headed off to LA soon (this was my last session with her before she left) I wanted to make sure that she left full of confidence in herself and her beauty. I hope that this session will provide her with a constant reminder of how fierce and fearless she is. I love getting to work with ladies to remind them of how truly amazing they are. I cannot wait to share several more boudoir sessions with you in the future!

Chelsea at Penn Park | Portraits

Are there even the proper words to convey how amazing this lady is? Chelsea has the best style and exudes sass and attitude with every pose. On the inside though she is a kindhearted goddess! Photographing Chels is truly an inspiration and fun experience because as a fellow model photographer she always has ideas in her head on what looks good and how to make things better. She understands how my brain works and when we get into the zone we rock and roll together. Working with Chelsea has brought me some of my favorite photos.

I got to do some outdoor water boudoir with this bad*ss lady last week and I can't wait to share. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Christine& Justin | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding

If you follow my blog you'll know that every time I get to work with Natalie Franke it's like a dream come true. She is hands down the most kindhearted, genuine, inspiring person I know and she attracts people of the similar nature. Her clients are no exception. I'm incredibly hard pressed to meet clients of hers I don't adore! Christine and Justin were such great people to work with and you could see in their eyes the love they hold for each other throughout the entire day. Family and friends were so incredibly important to them and it was truly special to see. I loved getting to help document such a fabulous day alongside one of my favorite people in the world. I have a few more weddings with Natalie coming up on the blog soon so stay tuned. You won't be disappointed! 

P.S. Can we just talk about how amazing this floral wall is by Intrigue Designs? I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when I saw it. GOALS!

Noelle at Cira Green | Portraits

You probably remember Noelle from when I photographed her at Creer studio. If not check out the post here. I said she'd be popping up a few more times on the blog from shoots we did before she moved to LA, and this is one of them! Noelle is an amazing yogi, along with being an awesome model and appearing alongside Kevin Hart in the newest commercials for Nike's training shoes. With her yogi background and LA on the horizon Noelle really wanted to push herself and get some unique poses. I love all of the shots we got and working with Noelle never ceases to be a great source of creativity. Enjoy!

Model: Noelle

Paige at The Dazzler, Brooklyn | Portraits

There are times when inspiration hits you so hard it's difficult to stand. I'd heard from so many people how fabulous Paige is and knew how much I loved her work, but actually collaborating with her was more than I ever imagined. I was in Brooklyn for a bridal editorial and wanted finally meet the famous Paige. We got stuck with rain but I am so happy we did because I wouldn't have been able to come up with these photos otherwise. Also how awesome is this room from The Dazzler?! I am counting down the days until I can work with Paige again. Until then, I'll have these favorites to tide me over!

Model: Paige

Allison & Laila | Portraits

"Adventurer" is one of those words I think most people want to be associated with in an ideal world. This word is always one I've strived to achieve but that secretly scared me nonetheless. To me the word "Adventurer" is multifaceted. In the grand scheme, this word means someone who is unstoppable in gathering new experiences and fulfilling themselves with new cultures, traditions, places, and people. On a smaller scale however, this word simply means someone who tries their best to push themselves out of their norm and into the realm of the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. To me one of those realms is the wilderness.

I guess that whole preface was a look into my soul for the singular point that "adventuring" out in the wilderness is something I've always liked the idea of, but is something of which the execution scares me just a little. On this day, being in touch with that lack of comfort and lack of predictability made me want to create something with more meaning and emotion than my usual portraits. 

As I said before in the "Laila in NYC" blog post, Laila and I are conceptually like-minded. I told her what emotions I was aiming to display and she made it happen. Working with her in a situation that was not "comfortable" for me meant that these photos were much more fulfilling than if they had been taken somewhere else. It was also fun to see Allison, who is very much still a newer model be exposed to the way Laila thinks and works. Allison was challenged for these photos and I could see by the end of the day that she had really allowed herself to try a new take on something and I loved the results!

I may know now that I am not an "Adventurer" at heart, but I will never stop trying to be.

Models are Laila and Allison.

Heather & David | Cairnwood Estate Winter Wedding

This wedding was the PERFECT way to start off the 2017 wedding season. Let me tell y'all, Super Bowl Sunday held no candle to this wedding. Every detail was so meticulously picked and thought out that I am positive my jaw must have been on the floor the whole day.

Heather and David are pretty much my definition of "refined spunk." They knew how to have fun and make the most of some crazy surprises from their friends, but with most of David's family traveling from Israel you could tell that there was an emphasis placed upon the familial moments of the day. David made the sweetest toast to his family and new wife that made it hard to maintain a dry eye, but afterwards there was partying like nobody's business. This wedding was so beautiful in so many ways and I am so excited to finally share it. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Shot with Grace Brown Photography.

Laila in NYC | Portraits

Laila is definitely a face you'll be seeing more and more on this blog. This day in NYC was the first day we met and while walking all over Brooklyn together with Katt (the blog-famous Katt) Laila and I realized that we have some parallel ideas when it comes to photography. Her modeling instincts play incredibly well to my conceptual photography instincts and I cannot wait to show another set I shot with Laila a few weeks back that really showcases that. 

As a model Laila has the most amazing control over a multitude of emotional intricacies that makes photographing her a fabulously unpredictable and awe-inspiring journey. Hope y'all enjoy the photos below because I definitely love them!

Model is Laila

Danny & Brigitte in New York | Portraits

I don't work in NYC very often, but when I do I make sure to work with models. (10 points to Gryffindor if you know what that sentence was inspired by) 
Danny joined myself and my amazing photographer friend Katt when we were in NYC a few weeks ago and brought his girlfriend Brigitte along. Little did we know that not only did they both model beautifully, but that we would be graced with their sheer adorableness as a couple. You could tell these two shared a special connection because of how Danny's facial expression changed when Brigitte was watching him model. I mean just look at these two!

Models: Danny Cosenza and Brigitte Belov

Paige at Duke Farms | Portraits

First of all, can we please talk about Paige's serious sense of style? I may or may not have wanted to borrow all of her clothes and give them a permanent place in my closet. Her second look was something right out of my dream wardrobe. 

Anyways when Paige isn't killing it modeling she's a hair and makeup artist! We bonded over makeup talks and our mutual respect for the color wheel (it's more vital than you'd think!) Paige was such a fun person to shoot with and I sincerely cannot wait to work with her again. 


Steph & Brielle in New Hope | Portraits

I originally met Steph when I modeled with her for my talented friend Katt. When I reached out to Steph to shoot one week she mentioned she and her friend Brielle (who also happened to model) would be in New Hope. So we all got together and this is what transpired. Both of these ladies are incredibly talented and went along with whatever crazy thing I wanted them to do in a crowded town like New Hope. I can't wait to work with them again!

Katt and Lauren at Blueberry Hill | Portraits

Part of being a growing artist is constantly challenging yourself to try new things. I'm not scared to admit I'd been in a bit of a rut with my portrait work lately. It happens to everyone and it's frustrating but I'm thankful for it. In an effort to combat that creative rut I have started using direct sunlight and multiple models in my work. This was the first shoot where I really used both and because of that I was feeling so creatively empowered. These photos have taken a special place in my heart. Who knew that direct sunlight and multiple models would become two of my favorite things to photograph?

Models are Lauren Tedrow and Katt Wilkins. (I told you in my previous post you'd be seeing a lot more of Katt around)

Katt at Fairmount Park | Portraits

I've been doing a lot more portrait and model work since my last wedding of 2016 on New Year's Eve. I love working with models because it is a collaboration of multiple creative forces coming together to create something so special.

Now this lovely lady isn't just a beautiful model, she's one my favorite people, biggest supporters, and an incredibly kindhearted person. Working with her is always a pleasure and you'll be seeing more of her lovely face on this blog shortly.