Allison & Laila | Portraits

"Adventurer" is one of those words I think most people want to be associated with in an ideal world. This word is always one I've strived to achieve but that secretly scared me nonetheless. To me the word "Adventurer" is multifaceted. In the grand scheme, this word means someone who is unstoppable in gathering new experiences and fulfilling themselves with new cultures, traditions, places, and people. On a smaller scale however, this word simply means someone who tries their best to push themselves out of their norm and into the realm of the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. To me one of those realms is the wilderness.

I guess that whole preface was a look into my soul for the singular point that "adventuring" out in the wilderness is something I've always liked the idea of, but is something of which the execution scares me just a little. On this day, being in touch with that lack of comfort and lack of predictability made me want to create something with more meaning and emotion than my usual portraits. 

As I said before in the "Laila in NYC" blog post, Laila and I are conceptually like-minded. I told her what emotions I was aiming to display and she made it happen. Working with her in a situation that was not "comfortable" for me meant that these photos were much more fulfilling than if they had been taken somewhere else. It was also fun to see Allison, who is very much still a newer model be exposed to the way Laila thinks and works. Allison was challenged for these photos and I could see by the end of the day that she had really allowed herself to try a new take on something and I loved the results!

I may know now that I am not an "Adventurer" at heart, but I will never stop trying to be.

Models are Laila and Allison.