Princeton University Meetup | Portraits

So I'm a people person. For as long as I've been away I've loved being around people. It's one of the many reasons I love weddings. I've been trying lately to meet people in other areas of my work like portraits and editorials. So back in January I met with a bunch of photographers, only one of whom I really knew that well, and a few models to create some rad work. Two of the photographers I met for the first time that day are now good friends of mine (did I mention I really love people?). So check out what I made and check out the last photo in this post to meet a few of the other photographers who were there that day!

Models in order of appearance: Shannon, Jessee Lynn

Meet some of my photographer friends! From left to right: Aaron Laszlo, Nick Roberts, and the lovely (you might recognize her from my instagram) Stephanie Massaro.

Leah CoppotelliComment