Christy & Mark | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Ballroom Wedding, Stevensville MD

So this wedding was a very emotional one for me and it's possible I've been putting this post off a little bit because I'm not sure how to sum everything up. Here goes nothing:

Christy & Mark's summer wedding day at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Ballroom was stunning and amazingly fun. The forecast was a little crazy for this fab's couple's big day. You can even see below the crazy storm sky we got right before the ceremony was supposed to start! In true Chesapeake Bay style the storm was over in 20 minutes and the skies flooded with sunlight. It was still raining during the ceremony but all Christy and Mark noticed were each other. This beautiful couple filled their day with personal touches, like Christy's grandparents' wedding rings she carried with her bouquet, tables decorated with pictures of the couple and their two beloved dogs, as well as favors that served as a reminder of the newlywed's love of France. The couple even had two tables full of photos of all the couple's from their families!

All of the beauty of this couple and their wedding only amplified all of the emotions running through the team that day, because it was my friend Natalie Franke's last wedding as a photographer! I have known Natalie for over a year now and have worked with her for about as long. I've shared my love for her on my blog and social medias before, but this wedding day was a heartfelt and fun way to end our journey together. I will forever be changed by the huge heart that Natalie has. This amazing trailblazer is a founder and leader at the Rising Tide Society,   Head of Community at Honeybook and a source of motivation, encouragement, self love, marketing, and business advice for creative entrepreneurs all over the globe. I am so thankful to know this amazing woman and I love seeing her make the world a better place!

Check out Natalie's vlog of the day here.