Equality-Loving Wedding, Couple, and Boudoir Photographer located in Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

and your story is a damn work of art.


So let’s celebrate it in all its glory!


You bring your wildly unique, effervescent self & I’ll document what makes you different.


I’m showing up for YOU. Crazy, romantic, quirky, funny, nontraditional, brave, beautiful YOU. Because if it’s one thing that doesn’t sit well with me, it’s the idea of photographing you as if you’re someone you’re not.
And no one puts Baby in a corner. Name that 80’s movie?

hey there

I’m Leah!

I’m a wedding, boudoir, and editorial photographer for nontraditional, quirky folks who aim to be unapologetically themselves.

My clients often call me their personal “hype woman” and I’m proud to claim the title. I’m both a goofball and a romantic at heart, and I love creating fun and uninhibited, yet tender and judgment-free environments for everyone who stands in front of my camera. And I’m not afraid to burst into random song or dance if that’ll help you feel more comfortable. Let’s be honest, I can’t NOT dance when I hear a good jam. You can count on it happening at least once.

My photography style can best be described as aesthetics-driven, detail-oriented, moody, vibrant, and artistic. ALL types of love and ALL bodies are welcome here!

In fact, that’s a HUGE part of why I do what I do. It’s my passion to create safe spaces for my clients to be fully present and relaxed so they can walk away with beautiful, empowered images from their most sacred moments.

So let's get started on this laid-back, fun, personal journey of celebrating YOU. Together we'll have a blast and create some beautiful and authentic memories!


Ready to party ?


fun Facts

I inherited my first “big-girl” camera from my dad.

I can quote almost any iconic 80’s movie or well-known 90’s lyric.

I love encouraging and empowering people, especially with compliments.

I am a fierce advocate for taking care of your mental health.

I love donuts and my sweet pup, Koda. He picked out his own name and is so smart, he can whisper!

I adore talking to new people, so don't be shy! Fill out the form on my "Let's Chat" page or email me at hello@leahcoppotelli.com and let's talk! (Even if it's just about puppies, cameras, and donuts!)